St Hilda’s was founded in 1889 by Guild of the Cheltenham Ladies’ College as a charitable settlement. This meant CLC alumni could live at St Hilda’s East in order to work with the local community. Today, this relationship has evolved, but girls continue to volunteer here and Guild members support our work through the Friends of St Hilda’s East scheme.

Join us

As a Friend of St Hilda’s East, you will:

  • Continue Guild’s century-old tradition of supporting charitable work in the east end of London.
  • Support the vital work of St Hilda’s East Community Centre in and around the London borough of Tower Hamlets
  • Receive Newsflash, our newsletter, with updates on our activities
  • Receive invitations to our Annual General Meeting and other special events
  • Have the opportunity to volunteer in unique capacities

Become a Friends of St Hilda’s East for as little as £2 a month or £24 a year.

Your regular contribution will enable St Hilda’s East Community Centre to continue its vital work.

  • It costs £10 to provide one hour of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) support to Bangladeshi and other women.
  • It costs £35 to bring a housebound elderly person to our Older People’s Project lunch club by minibus each year.
  • It costs £90 to run our Advice Service for 1 day, helping individuals and families on low incomes.
  • It costs £180 to run weekly Family Learning play activities for parents and young children in our Under 5s Project each month.
  • It costs £400 for a disabled young person to go on a ‘residential’ activity holiday outside London for a week.
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